Bitcoiner in Luck: The BTC Community turns bullish

Will decarbonization be the megatrend of the next ten years?

FRANKFURT (Schroders) – Climate change is moving up the political and social agenda. Decarbonization could therefore become the megatrend of the next decade. Many of the companies that seem best positioned for the transition to a low-carbon future are listed on stock exchanges outside the US.

Just the foreplay: The Bitcoin Bull Run hasn’t even started yet
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Bitcoin pumps. And promptly follow the comments from the world of social media, which see bullish price prospects confirmed. But it is still a long way to the high of the current cycle.

Leisurely and then all of a sudden. In approximately in such a way the occasionally FOMO-induced course behavior of the crypto currency No. 1 can be summarized. In bull markets course jumps of 10-15 per cent in shortest time are nothing new, the last Bitcoin Code software bull run lies now however already over three years back. And so Bitcoiners of these days celebrate their dedication to hodln also by the bear market. Always with them: a small pinch of “I told you so”.

Preston Pysh: Hyperbitcoinization in 7.5 years

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Preston Pysh has done many things in his life. As an aerospace engineer he served for years in the US Army. With The Investors’ Podcast, he and his co-host Stig Broderson reach an investment enthusiastic audience of millions. Recently, however, The Investors’ Podcast has become one of the most bullish advocates of the No. 1 crypto currency. With its recent appearance with the Stephan Livera Podcast Pysh set up the thesis that Bitcoin could break through the threshold to the world reserve currency already in this bull market.

If this does not work, however, the time will come at the latest at the peak of the following halving cycle.

I think that hyperbitcoinization can already happen in this cycle. At the latest it should happen after the next cycle. It still takes a maximum of 7.5 years.

Such statements even make bullish Bitcoiners amazed. But the idea is not unfounded. Finally the central banks contribute with their monetary policy to a self-reinforcing spiral. Bitcoin as a demonstrably limited asset could absorb all this excess liquidity as an investment.

We have seen in recent days how quickly BTC can shoot up.

PlanB: The excuses are slowly running out

No opinion-ECHO without PlanB. The author of the stock-to-flow model is not exactly known for his modest price forecasts. He sees the peak of the current cycle at around USD 288,000. However, as PlanB announces on Twitter, he also draws on sources other than his own model.

In all respects Bitcoin beats the competition by far. And not only that. At 2.6, BTC has a Sharpe ratio that is second to none. The Sharpe Ratio indicates the ratio of price growth to its risk measured by volatility. A Sharpe Ratio of 2.6 shows Bitcoin’s extraordinary excess return.

The cop rightly asks: “What is your reason for not having BTC in your portfolio?

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