Atari plans to hold a public token salon.

The legendary video game manufacturer Atari is considering a public tokentail. The campaign is expected to start in early November, Cointelegraph reports.

ERC-20 standard tokens will be listed on, Atari will announce more details later.

Company head Frederick Chesney believes the tokentail is waiting for increased interest.

“Selling tokensales can take one hour or even one second. It all depends on hardcap. I cannot answer that question,” he said.

To date, Atari has raised $1.5 million in a series of closed rounds of financing.

According to Chesney, in tokenseil he is attracted not so much by the amount of additional capital as by immediate liquidity. Its absence has made it difficult to negotiate with various DeFi protocols on possible Atari Token (ATRI) uses.

He also believes that ATRI is able to create a unique case for the DeFi- sector – funding the creation of games in exchange for a share of future sales.

Chesney noted that token mail will comply with all regulatory rules.

The sale of tokens in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash will go through Atari Chain, a Gibraltar-based company, in which Atari owns 50%. US residents will not be allowed to participate in the token mailing service. Additional details will be disclosed by the company in the coming weeks.

Atari aims to form partnerships with various start-ups to expand the use of Atari token in the entire ecosystem of interactive entertainment and block-chain initiatives, Chesne added.

Recall that in May Atari entered into a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation to create a bridge between the entertainment ecosystem and the LTC. In June, the company started cooperation with the Unikrn startup, where users will be able to bid on sports events using ATRI.

A few more months later, Atari announced a partnership with the decentralized marketplace Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). The partnership involves creating blockbuster games in the form of collectible non-replaceable tokens (NFT).

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