La venta de yates muestra que los bienes de lujo pueden beneficiarse del aumento de precios de Bitcoin

El mercado mundial de bienes de lujo es sólo uno de los que han sido golpeados duramente por la pandemia de coronavirus este año.

Pero con el bitcoin (BTC) experimentando un período de crecimiento este año, parece que los inversionistas criptográficos que se han enriquecido en la última corrida alcista han estado gastando sus ganancias del comercio criptográfico en artículos de lujo.

Estos incluyen un catamarán Lagoon de 52 pies que fue recientemente adquirido en Fort Lauderdale, Florida, al corredor de yates Denison Yachting.

El catamarán, que puede acomodar a seis huéspedes en tres cabinas con baño y duchas, fue puesto a la venta con un precio de venta de 839.000 dólares. El barco fue construido por el constructor de barcos francés Groupe Beneteau y fue comprado usando una mezcla de crypto y fiat.

Bob Denison, Presidente y Fundador de Denison Yachting, dijo a Robb Report que el 52 Lagoon fue comprado “la mitad en Ethereum Code y la otra mitad en dólares americanos”, y que el vendedor no sabía que la transacción involucraba cripto moneda.

“El día del cierre fue más rápido que una transferencia bancaria: convirtieron inmediatamente el bitcoin en dólares”, dijo Denison, y añadió que la transacción siguió todos los protocolos legales, incluyendo que el comprador proporcionara un pasaporte para verificar su identidad.

El catamarán de laguna comprado 52′.

El catamarán de laguna comprado 52′. Fuente:

El último acuerdo marca la quinta venta de yates con motor criptográfico de Denison Yachting, dijo el negocio de Florida en un comunicado.

Denison dijo que los actores de la industria “deberían estar dispuestos a hacer todo lo posible para que las transacciones sean accesibles para todos los clientes”.

El corredor dijo que se convirtió en la primera compañía de yates a gran escala en aceptar BTC para reservas de alquiler de lujo y ventas de barcos en 2014, y dijo que los activos criptográficos han sido utilizados en acuerdos multimillonarios de venta de yates.

Dos años después, Denison Yachting reveló su primera venta de yates en criptografía. En junio de 2018, el primer charter de la compañía fue reservado usando BTC como pago. Además, la empresa tiene 8 mineros de Bitcoin en su sede en Fort Lauderdales.

Un estudio de junio de 2020 de la consultora internacional Boston Consulting Group predijo que el mercado de bienes de lujo de 380.000 millones de dólares podría reducirse entre un 25% y un 45% este año como resultado de la crisis mundial.

Pero, con el aumento de la criptografía en los últimos tiempos, una nueva ola de compradores podría tratar de inyectar su riqueza en el sector.

Bridgewater CEO Ray Dalio doesn’t believe in Bitcoin breakthrough

Ray Dalio considers Bitcoin to be unsuitable as a store of value and emphasizes his preference for gold.

On November 7, 2020, Ray Dalio, Founder and CIO of Bridgewater Associates, told Yahoo! Finance on the current Bitcoin growth. Bitcoin is too volatile for him to be used as a currency. In his opinion, Bitcoin cannot be a store of wealth. In addition, the cryptocurrency would have too few areas of application to function as a medium of exchange.

I don’t think digital currencies will be as successful as people hope for these reasons

Dalio stressed that under no circumstances would he prefer Bitcoin Code to gold. Also, he doesn’t think Bitcoin could ever replace gold. While many experts in the crypto industry are of the opinion that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin could replace cash in the foreseeable future, Dalio believes that the central banks will bet on gold instead of BTC in the future. However, he sees another problem with cryptocurrency:

When it becomes material [ Bitcoin ] governments will not allow it.

They will say that you are not allowed to carry out transactions with Bitcoin

On the other hand, the hedge fund legend Stanley Druckermiller, who sees Bitcoin as an attractive store of value – at least for millennials and the “new money of the West Coast”, has a completely different opinion :

The Bitcoin story is very simple. It’s about supply and demand. Bitcoin’s supply is growing about 2.5 percent annually, and demand is growing faster than that.

Druckmiller sees a similar potential in gold as in Bitcoin. Although he claims to own a lot more gold than Bitcoin, Bitcoin investments are a much better decision due to its illiquid nature.

Bitcoiner in Luck: The BTC Community turns bullish

Will decarbonization be the megatrend of the next ten years?

FRANKFURT (Schroders) – Climate change is moving up the political and social agenda. Decarbonization could therefore become the megatrend of the next decade. Many of the companies that seem best positioned for the transition to a low-carbon future are listed on stock exchanges outside the US.

Just the foreplay: The Bitcoin Bull Run hasn’t even started yet
Bitcoin Rally: Square significantly increases BTC sales in the third quarter

Bitcoin pumps. And promptly follow the comments from the world of social media, which see bullish price prospects confirmed. But it is still a long way to the high of the current cycle.

Leisurely and then all of a sudden. In approximately in such a way the occasionally FOMO-induced course behavior of the crypto currency No. 1 can be summarized. In bull markets course jumps of 10-15 per cent in shortest time are nothing new, the last Bitcoin Code software bull run lies now however already over three years back. And so Bitcoiners of these days celebrate their dedication to hodln also by the bear market. Always with them: a small pinch of “I told you so”.

Preston Pysh: Hyperbitcoinization in 7.5 years

Asset accumulation made easy: Only 3.000 € once is enough
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Preston Pysh has done many things in his life. As an aerospace engineer he served for years in the US Army. With The Investors’ Podcast, he and his co-host Stig Broderson reach an investment enthusiastic audience of millions. Recently, however, The Investors’ Podcast has become one of the most bullish advocates of the No. 1 crypto currency. With its recent appearance with the Stephan Livera Podcast Pysh set up the thesis that Bitcoin could break through the threshold to the world reserve currency already in this bull market.

If this does not work, however, the time will come at the latest at the peak of the following halving cycle.

I think that hyperbitcoinization can already happen in this cycle. At the latest it should happen after the next cycle. It still takes a maximum of 7.5 years.

Such statements even make bullish Bitcoiners amazed. But the idea is not unfounded. Finally the central banks contribute with their monetary policy to a self-reinforcing spiral. Bitcoin as a demonstrably limited asset could absorb all this excess liquidity as an investment.

We have seen in recent days how quickly BTC can shoot up.

PlanB: The excuses are slowly running out

No opinion-ECHO without PlanB. The author of the stock-to-flow model is not exactly known for his modest price forecasts. He sees the peak of the current cycle at around USD 288,000. However, as PlanB announces on Twitter, he also draws on sources other than his own model.

In all respects Bitcoin beats the competition by far. And not only that. At 2.6, BTC has a Sharpe ratio that is second to none. The Sharpe Ratio indicates the ratio of price growth to its risk measured by volatility. A Sharpe Ratio of 2.6 shows Bitcoin’s extraordinary excess return.

The cop rightly asks: “What is your reason for not having BTC in your portfolio?